$2mn Natalia Sports Luxury Sedan: World’s most expensive Coupé

When it comes to automobiles, especially luxury sedans, exclusivity becomes one factor that knows no bounds and so does the price tag that comes with these startlingly gorgeous vehicles. One of the foremost names in luxury automobiles, DiMora Motorcar or DMC has now unveiled a stunning new luxury sedan that by all measures stands up to its reputation of being the world’s most expensive Coupé. Considered to be the world’s most luxurious, expensive and technologically advanced creation, Natalia sports luxury sedan will carries a price tag of a staggering $2 million and carries quite an impressive hardware under the hood. DiMora Natalia is powered by a V16 Volcano Engine that provides an astounding 1200 horsepower, while the engine itself has been incorporated with variable cylinder technology for enhanced gas mileage. The DiMora Natalia luxury car is designed and developed using extreme aerodynamic principles and the vehicle has been fabricated in state of the art advanced aerospace materials. This has led to an enormous weight reduction, up to 1,500 pounds less than luxury vehicles of the same size.

One of the most stunning features of the world’s most expensive coupe is an all new cutting edge paint technology that automatically changes colors as per the weather conditions. When the temperature is optimal, this luxury sedan will portray black or color and as the temperature rises, the color scheme automatically changes to white. Furthermore, the windshield of DiMora Natalia is equipped with night vision technology, while the car is mounted with an array of cameras on the outside, rendering in live feeds to the vehicle’s heads-up display. On the luxury side of the equation, the DiMora Natalia comes with remote-controlled, retractable TV screens and a bar for rear seat passengers and the televisions have been given hi-tech directed-sound technology, thereby providing dedicated sound to each passenger of the TV channel being viewed. Among other luxurious amenities, is the presence of computerized rear seat massage, Italian walnut, hand-inlaid burlwood dashboard, lighted Waterford crystal ashtrays, self-uncorking branded wine bottles etc.

According to Alfred J. DiMora (CEO, DiMora Motorcar),

“The goal for the Natalia is to be completely distinctive from bumper to bumper—the most powerful four-door sport luxury automobile in transportation history. The Natalia will set the standard for 21st Century automotive excellence.”

Via Gizmag

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