Audi brings world’s most expensive Auto Union Type C pedal car for kids

Looking forward to a gift for your kid? A gift that is not just unique but also extra ordinarily exclusive at the same time. If your answer to these questions is yes, then Audi is all set to come up with an exclusive pedal toy car. Once out this is going to be the world’s most expensive toy car. With a body made from aluminium and handcrafted leather trim and an extraordinary design, makes this a dream toy or every kid on the block.

This one is the Auto Union Type C pedal car which is not just AUDI AG first of its kind but also the premiere concept for the market. None of the car manufactures have tried to play so elaborately with a pedal car for kids. The hydraulic dual-disc brake and the seven speed hub gear with back-pedalling brake function make it a technological wonder while the leather upholstered seats, framing and steering wheel add a touch of sophistication to the complete design, just like the big one.



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