Vault: The most expensive Margarita

New York, the land of the uber rich and the fancy has now been given yet another luxury restaurant in the form of the all new Johnny’s Utah. Located 25 W. 51st St., between Fifth and Sixth avenue, this luxury restaurant has quickly garnered popularity for its in-house mechanical bull and the world’s most expensive margarita. Delightfully called, the Vault, this one of a kind liquor carries a price tag of $51 and can be found at the top of the liquor menu, which is also composed of some inexpensive drinks as well, between the range of $11 to $15. The star attraction of Johnny’s Utah is the mechanical bull that provides the patrons with a Wild Western taste of classic rodeo and is fast catching up to the adventure hungry New York crowd. To ensure that the riders are unharmed, the bull is surrounded with air mattresses. However, the restaurant requires you to sign a waiver form, thus exempting the establishment from any lawsuits, if a riser is harmed.

When it comes down to the dining table, all eyes gets affixed to the $51 margarita mentioned in the menu. The Vault is essentially a mixture of Herradura Suprema tequila, a liquor brand that itself carries a price tag of $300 per bottle. In addition with this liquor, the Vault is also given grilled-lime juice and agave syrup, thus turning this most expensive margarita into an exclusive one as well. The Vault provides an exotic taste of caramel, aged spirit and lemons. To ensure that the guests have sumptuous meal, Johnny’s Utah also presents them with a some of the most eclectic dishes such as the likes of the $21 smoky brisket and a $24 Pork belly.


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