Priciest mineral water in the world

As scientists, environmentalists and the common continues to ponder over and be concerned over the rapid depleting of our natural resources, one thing is certain, which is that, water has always been and always will be one of the priceless resources of all. This rather every day statement has now been etched in stone with the introduction of the world’s most expensive mineral water in the form of the all new Kona Nigari. This one of a kind bottled mineral water will set you back about $33.50 for a two ounce bottle or a whopping $2,144 per gallon. The Kona Nigari water is found some 2,000 feet down off the coast of Hawaii and is said to be enriched in minerals. This unique water is said to be extremely popular in Japan, where due to its high demand, some 80,000 bottles are shipped to the country every day.  The water is packaged by Hawaii Deep Marine and the concoction is a blend of the mineral rich Kona Nigari as well as regular water.

The Kona Nigari, which is also hailed as the most expensive mineral water is greatly cherished in Japan, not only because of its exclusivity, but also due to the fact that it has great medicinal value, especially when it comes to weight loss, stress reduction, skin tone, and digestion. Ironically, Japanese consumers are more inclined towards the Kona Nigari water and are willing to pay much more than it would cost them for water found off Japanese coasts.


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