Desperately Gorgeous – Audi’s Auto Union Type C Pedal Car

Following the production of Junior Volante, the Type 52 Baby Bugatti, an electric-powered car; Audi Heritage has created the world’s most beautiful factory pedal car ever. Clad with Hand built alloy body and leather, wood and aluminum interiors, the Auto Union Type C pedal car is an addition to the Audi’s quattro GmbH array of trendy objects and accessories.

Festooned with an aluminum space frame, aluminum bodycraft, handcrafted leather sittings, detachable steering wheel, and bespoke spoked wheels, the Grand Prix race car is not just a toy as it is blessed with Audi-engineered seven-speed gears along with hydraulic disc brakes.

Packed with over 900 individual parts, this 1:2 scale Type C pedal car will cost you $13,399. This product is a worthy tribute to the departed epoch of motor racing that was celebrated at its time.


Audi’s Auto Union Type C Pedal Car


Audi’s Auto Union Type C Pedal Car

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