UE-11 Pro Earphones–Try these Ultimate Ears

If ear-alarm timer and black and silver-coated ear phones seems monotonous and ordinary to you, then try these Ultimate ears. Lately unveiled UE-11 Pro earphone, an updated avatar of the UE-10 Pro by Ultimate ears offers every single reason to handpick this stylish accessory.

The earphone comes packed with a custom shell featuring a quad armature speaker configuration. One can enjoy the clear feat via a dual driver subwoofer and a committed mid-range and individual tweeter.

Frequency: 10Hz to 16,500 Hz
Noise Isolation: -26dB
Input sensitivity: 119dB at 1mW
Price: $1150

Available in numerous shades, the earphones hit the market yesterday only i.e.1 August. The company has certain terms and conditions that can enhance your knowledge before making a choice of color.

The choosy demand of the user’s regarding custom colors and artwork for the UE-11 Pro will cost them $200 above the standard price of the earphones. But if you plan to buy with within the first 60 days of its launch i.e. ending 30 September 2007, then there won’t be any additional cost and you can easily save $200.

Isn’t the offer lucrative enough?


UE-11 Pro Earphones

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