‘EkMukhi’ rudraksha, feel close to God Rs41 lakh

One Mukhi Rudraksha is associated with Godhood, supreme truth and attainment of eternity. Considered as the best among all Rudrakshas of all faces, the power of Lord Shankar resides in it.

Here is a displayed diamond-studded ‘Ek Mukhi’ rudraksha, retailed at Rs41 lakh, in a show organized in Chennai on 2 August. The exhibition will end on 12 August.

Ruled by the Sun and enlightening the Super Consciousness, this Rudraksha provides the power of Dharana to the wearer, enabling him to concentrate his mind on a particular issue.

The very feel of One Mukhi Rudraksha takes one away from worldly affairs towards the God. His mind begins to concentrate on the Supreme Element i.e. Partattva Dharana cha jayate Tatprakashnam. Thus the people who have the urge to discover Aatma Tattva must wear “Ek Mukhi Rudraksha.”


‘EkMukhi’ rudraksha

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