Hello Kitty doll embedded with 62,000 Swarovski crystal glasses: $66,115

You must have heard of numerous Kitty dolls in the market but I am sure this Hello Kitty Selection, event happening at the Mitsukoshi department store in Tokyo is news for you.

Ready to add-on to the list of expensive toys of your kids, this expensive Hello Kitty doll, made of 62,000 Swarovski crystal glasses, is modeled after Japanese traditional “Fortune-Inviting-Cat” figure. Around 800 unique Hello Kitty products are on sale.


To give you the feel of the dolls and other exciting products, just jump down:

Kitty doll

The doll on left is retailed at 8 million yen ($66,115) and on right will cost you1, 575,000 yen ($13,016).

At bottom are cosmetics boxes sold at 367,500 yen (US$3,037) each.

Kitty doll

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