PHOTON Portable Solar

This technology-driven piece called PHOTON, a solar panel system is designed for those who love technology to the extent that now they desire to wear technology. The great mind behind this portable device is of architect Kari Sivonen. The manufacturing of the product is done by Clothing+, an established Finnish company having a maintained portfolio in delivering rational clothing. But this invention has hit the market a bit late for the mountaineers who are already there and are regretting the technology drawbacks that doesn’t allow them to charge there dead batteries of phone and camera.

PHOTON is displayed at the SAUMA, a travelers’ exhibition by the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York. A single stroll at the exhibition will put you across numerous (more than 20) innovative and modern designs from Finland.

Venue: Los Angeles Architecture and Design Museum
Date: Till 28 August, 2007

From LA, the exhibition will move to Helsinki and Paris in 2008.


PHOTON Portable Solar


PHOTON Portable Solar

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