Invaluable Girard Perreguax Stolen Watch Collection found back

Alas! The French police have proved their caliber by getting hold of the crooks who somehow managed to get away with the Girard Perreguax watch collection worth million francs, by stealthily making a way into the watch museum in La Chaux-de-Fonds last Thursday. The luxury timepieces displayed at the Villa Marguerite museum was an antique piece whose roots are as old as 18th century, which makes it all the more priceless. They forcefully got their evil designs on the watches by crashing the display cases.

Finally, the precious collection is restored! It was found hidden in the branches under an oak tree in south of Valdahon on Saturday. Our heartiest congratulations to the French Police and Museum authorities and we hope they are able to keep the pricey possessions under good guard now!


Via: TimesForum


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