Gold swimsuit by Ginza Tanaka

Who would have thought that the design and taste dated 1300 years back would still be appreciated by us or Gen X? Jewelry maker–Ginza Tanaka. With ingredients thread spun and 24-carat gold, one can think of producing a neckpiece worth dollars but not swimsuits. Fortunately, Tanaka creativity lies beyond this limited imagination. The designer has lately unveiled a swimsuit, tapestry and matching shawl at a workshop in Kyoto.

Revealing the deserving cost of this handwoven dress, jewelry maker Ginza Tanaka said, “With a weight of 1.1 kilograms, this dress is retailed at 30,000,000 yen ($2, 45,000).

Weighing 500 grams, the other swimsuit with dipping neckline and almost backless strings is available for sale at 10 million yen (81,700 dollars). A single tapestry would suffice to add life in your living room at the cost of 50 million yen (408,000 dollars).

To do away with the existing definition and respect for the jewelry industry, Tanaka wishes to lay a new foundation for it by offering dresses and swimsuits that would be no less than designer jewelry. Don’t ever think of washing it ever in the washing machine.

Gold swimsuit


Gold swimsuit

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