Top 5 Most Expensive Web Addresses (URL)

Can you imagine someone shelling out an amount as big as $1.8 million not to buy a luxury coupe for himself…No, not even to pamper his girlfriend with diamonds, but to get the desired web domain names.

Yes, the battle for URLs took place for the URL at an auction that started with a bid of $300,000 and blasted through the seven-figure mark before hitting $1.8 million. The Richie-rich participants that they were, bid on as many as 218 Web domain names that aimed at minting out $10.8 million once they were sold.

If you are already getting inquisitive to know what were the names which made the big business houses pour out money like that…I won’t blabber any more and will right away put you across the URLs and their Selling Prices:

1. S*
This one sold off for a crisp $12 million. No wonders when they say…only Sex and SRK sells in India. But guys, sex sells world over…SRK better watch out!

2. P**
This world wide addiction got a buyer at $9.5 million …must be badly addicted!

The lifeline of the world swapped the figures of $7.5 million .

Women’s love for the pristine stone set the value of the domain as high as $7.5 million …Woman purchasing power seems swelling by day…what say?

AAAHH! That’s what every one lives for…a chilled bear at the end of the taxing day. This one closed the deal at a swooshing $7 million.



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