Vividus $60,000 Mattress offers luxury sleep

Now, your sleep will cost you $60,000. Yes, that’s the cost of a handcrafted mattress made-up of natural materials. Well, isn’t it ludicrous to spend big bucks ending broke. And I am sure the price cannot justify the convenience as other ready alternative will overshadow it. This doesn’t even require a second thought.

With this huge sum, one can surely satiate the needs of all his family members nad friends, thereby improving the standard of living of people.

“No corners were cut when creating the Vividus. Vividus is built by hand by the most experienced and skilful craftsmen using techniques that have been employed in the Swedish furniture industry since the 1850s. The old craftsman methods guarantees the high quality of each Vividus as Hastens believe that no machine in the world can replace the skills of a human hand.”


Vividus $60,000 Mattress

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