Bender Casemod

Remember ‘Futurama’, the animated science fiction sitcom that came on television screens as a compelling spin off of ‘The Simpsons’ and tickled us with its raw as well as over the top humor? Now, renowned designer, Jan Erik Vangen from Norway has come out with this latest creation in the form of the all new and exciting Bender Casemod. This one of kind Bender prototype has been designed and developed to mimic the quirky robot from Futurama that on many line seems to have been inspired from The Simpson’s Bart Simpson, with a rocking attitude that comes with the robot’s simplistic design. After the creation of Tux casemod, its creator has arrived with his latest creation “Bender Casemod”.  It looks like the fictional robot and also has a stunning thing in itself, a voice button that says, “Bite My Shiny Metal Ass”. Bender casemod took five months in making and it’s priced at $400 only. The birth of this magnificent project to create a robot replica of Bender started off with the development of several 3D models, leading to the paper figure of Bender.


To provide Bender Modcase with a glowing look, Jan Erik Vangen made use of 10 Watt Halogen bulbs as the eyes of the mod and the robot’s shell is crafted from sheet metal. The teeth of this one of a kind robot are made from the visor of a street helmet, while its mouth itself has been designed to be fully operational DVD-ROM that is neatly tucked under the head of Bender. Also, Bender has been developed to make use of wireless Internet, with the help of a protruding antennae that is located at the top of the head of the robot. Futurama in all its years of entertaining millions across the globe, has also been responsible for the spawning of numerous merchandise from the series, such as the futuristic looking ‘Futurama Flying Car’ that is available on Amazon  carrying a price tag of $50,000.

Bender Casemod

Bender Case Mod

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